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About Us

SINCE 2007

In 2004 while working on 4 wheelers for a friend Nobby Grona, a Dodge dealership mechanic, heard about the service called “hot shoting”, and his wheels started turning. Having been accustomed to working hard his whole life, he saw this as an opportunity, and began to work to make it happen. By 2005 he found himself buying his own truck and working for a hot shot company. He spent the next 2 years becoming a certifiable road warrior and learning the ins and outs of the business. Then in 2007 Nobster’s Hot Shot was started with just 2 trucks and whole lot of hard work. Now in 2012 Nobster’s is growing exponentially. Our fleet contains 10 trucks with no signs of slowing down any time soon. We boast Light, Medium, and Heavy duty trucks including cranes and pole trucks. If it’s out there we can move it.\


We are all about creating services for our customers that provide the best results. With the introduction of GPS Delivery Tracking by Fleetmatics we can give you the ability to see where your load is at all times. Through this we are able to give you timely deliveries and the peace of mind that the job is being done right.


Being a mechanic himself Nobby new it was important to keep a well-maintained fleet of vehicles. This led him to bring on a full time mechanic, because every minute off the road is a dollar lost. You can rest assured if we promise a delivery that we have created every opportunity for the best possible out come!



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